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CES 2013: Stop By Stern's Booth And Play Some TransFormers Pinball

Company: Stern Pinball, Inc.
Product: TransFormers Pinball

Stern Pinball, Inc., who tout themselves as the world's only maker of real pinball games, is exhibiting at CES for the first time ever. Located in the South Hall 2 at booth number 25412, Stern will be showcasing the TransFormers Pin, a stylish, affordable and entertaining pinball machine designed and engineered exclusively for home amusement. Stern Pinball invites all CES attendees to stop by, play a few rounds and have some fun.

This year at CES, Stern will be showcasing the company's newest innovation the TransFormers Pin a high quality machine designed for the whole household. The Pin is the latest model to be developed by Stern and joins the company's existing line-up of Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

"Aimed at households and casual consumers, CES is the perfect place for us to exhibit the TransFormers Pin. CES attendees will be delighted by how fun and engaging the Pin is for players of all ages and skill levels."
- Gary Stern, founder, CEO and chairman of Stern Pinball, Inc.

The TransFormers Pin offers fun and timeless family entertainment at an affordable price. The game features art, music, speech, and sound effects from the blockbuster TransFormers franchise. Players can expect the classic battle between the heroic Optimus Prime and the villainous Megatron, as well as interaction with other beloved characters Autobot and Decepticon. The TransFormers Pin is built to last and engineered with genuine Stern commercial-quality parts including flippers, slingshots, pop bumpers, tempered playfield glass, and the traditional pinball plunger.

Stern will be showcasing four TransFormers Pin machines at the company booth,
which is located in the South Hall 2 at booth number 25412.

With lineage tracing back to the 1930s, Stern is ecstatic to bring the company's passion of pinball to CES. Stern was officially established in the late 1990's and has been the driving force in the resurgence of pinball. Since the inception of Stern, the company has worked diligently to foster a new era of pinball fans by incorporating new technology into the machines yet maintaining the authenticity of the game.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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